Tactical AI for national security. 
Simulating the unpredictable.


 Berlin, January 25, 2023

GhostPlay is a simulation environment for AI-based decision-making at machine speed. "Ghost" is the high-performance simulation environment. "Play" demonstrates AI-based decision tactics for uncertain and complex engagement scenarios in such simulator.

"We compete with the big ones in the industry. Our USP: agility and the ability to quickly show results." 

PROF. GARY SCHAAL, Chair of Political Science at HSU Hamburg and GHOSTPLAY Project Manager

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Demo Day 2023: Speakers

General Dr. Ansgar Rieks

Stellvertretender Inspekteur der Luftwaffe

General Michael Vetter

Abteilungsleiter Cyber- und Informationstechnik (CIT) im BMVg

Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, MdB

Vorsitzende des Verteidigungsausschusses

Meinhard Schmidt-Degenhard

Fernsehjournalist, Moderator

GhostPlay Demo Day 2023

All you need to know about GhostPlay Demo Day 2023! Download program.
Note: Program is subject to amendments.

Main Program Morning

09.00 – Begrüßung.

09.05 – Grußwort der Schirmherrin HSU.
Prof. Dr. Klaus Beckmann, Präsident der Helmut-Schmidt-Universität

09.10 – Was sich die Bundeswehr von KI wünscht.
General Dr. Ansgar Rieks, stv. Inspekteur der Luftwaffe
09.30 – Innere Führung und KI.
Militärbischof em. Dr. Sigurd Rink
09.45 – Diskussion der Impulse.
10.10 – GHOSTPLAY.
Eine Filmreportage von Heimo Aga
10.45 – Panel: Dritte-Welle-KI für die Bundeswehr.
Prof. Dr. Gary Schaal/HSU, Bettina Weber/Hensoldt, Yvonne Hofstetter/21strategies, Corinna Budras/FAZ
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch, Networking

Main Program Afternoon (Repeat)

14.00 – Begrüßung.
14.05 – Grußwort der Schirmherrin HSU.
Prof. Dr. Klaus Beckmann, Präsident der Helmut-Schmidt-Universität
14.10 – Warum das dtec.bw-Projekt „GhostPlay“ für die Entwicklung der Streitkräfte wichtig ist!
General Michael Vetter, AL CIT im BMVg
14.30 – Innere Führung und KI.
Militärbischof em. Dr. Sigurd Rink
14.45 – Diskussion der Impulse.
15.10 – GHOSTPLAY.
Eine Filmreportage von Heimo Aga
15.45 – Panel: Auswirkungen des Unkrainekriegs auf die europäische Verteidigungspolitik.
Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann/MdB, Prof. Dr. Gary Schaal/HSU, Dr. Heiko Borchert/BCR AG, Janusz Reiter/Botschafter a.D. Republik Polen

17.00 Networking at the bar

Evening Program Foreign Attachés

(in English language)

18.00 – Greetings of the patroness HSU: Prof. Dr. Klaus Beckmann, President/Helmut-Schmidt-University
18.10 – Superiority on The Battlefield With Tactical AI And Emergence: The Next Generation.
Dr. Christian Brandlhuber, CTO/21strategies with Dr. Heiko Borchert/BCR
19.00 – Panel discussion and Q&A:
Prof. Dr. Gary Schaal/HSU, Bettina Weber/HENSOLDT, Dr. Heiko Borchert/BCR
Moderator: Yvonne Hofstetter
20.00 - 21.00 Networking at the bar


(in German language) 

10.00 – "Beware the Hype" // Diskussion
10.30 – Defense AI Country Study 1
11.30 – Defense AI Country Study 2
12.00 – Lunch

14.45 – "Beware the Hype" // Diskussion
15.15 – Defense AI Country Study 1
16.15 – Defense AI Country Study 2
17.00 – Networking at the bar

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Haus Ungarn, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9, 10178 Berlin 


Foto credits: Haus Ungarn


Foto credits: Haus Ungarn

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Thanks to our participating partners


Borchert Consulting & Research is a strategic affairs consulting boutique. BCR engages in conflict analysis and scenario development to assess current and future military requirements that inform GhostPlay.


21strategies is a Munich-based deep-tech company with the mission to transform how organizations make strategic and tactical decisions. To aim at their mission, 21strategies develops and operates Third Wave AI for optimal decision-making in complex, uncertain situations at machine speed. For more information, visit 21strategies.com or follow us on LinkedIn.


Long-standing specialist for sensor technology HENSOLDT Sensors contributes their expertise and sensor models to GhostPlay. 
The sensor models provided serve as a basis for realistic AI tactics – at machine speed.

Helmut Schmidt University

With the Defense AI Observatory (DAIO), Helmut Schmidt University // Uni Bw Hamburg has established an area of AI competence under the responsibility of Professor Dr. Gary Schaal. The latest scientific research results about the use of Defense AI globally ensure that GhostPlay AI models are based on observable reality.

GhostPlay is supported by: