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Mit KI der dritten Welle auf Erfolgskurs 

HENSOLDT makes minority investment in 21strategies

On the road to success with Third Wave AI 

HENSOLDT makes minority investment in 21strategies

Yvonne Hofstetter wird deutsches Mitglied des  NATO DARB

Auswärtiges Amt beruft Prof. Yvonne Hofstetter, CEO 21strategies, in das NATO Data and AI Review Board

Yvonne Hofstetter becomes German member of NATO's DARB 

German Federal Foreign Office appoints Prof. Yvonne Hofstetter, CEO 21strategies, to NATO’s Data and AI Review Board

GhostPlay's analyst team DAIO: Favourite publications

Against the background of a growing body of literature on defense innovation, the paper discusses GhostPlay’s goal to develop context and consequence-aware AI systems that exploit novel tactics to ensure and scale IADS-based protection. The paper sheds light on GhostPlay’s conceptual and technical setup, summarizes
initial simulation-based findings and outlines future development options. 

Claims for the responsible use of Defense AI are ubiquitous. The German Armed Forces face special AI requirements rooting in their unique leadership principle which, in the end, shall rely on human sovereignty and conscience. This paper contemplates the impact of "inner leadership" on the use of tactical AI for the Bundeswehr. 
In German language.  

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